Monday, June 13, 2011

Why We Need the Web

There are many sites I love and others I hit every day: my web comics for entertainment, Yahoo for "news" and email, Blackboard to get school done, Facebook to stay in touch, Barnes and Nobel for books, and Pandora for music. Yet the site I've found completely necessary for school, work, and fun, now that I tapped into it, is Google Docs.
Google is already part of my everyday world, with Search, Maps, Blogger, Scholar, and Books. But Google Docs give me freedom and my documents mobility. No more worrying about email the right paper to myself or if I have a flash drive on me (or if I've lost yet another flash drive). Google Docs is accessible from any computer and even lets me work on my iPhone. The platform is similar enough to Microsoft Word that I can easily figure out how to format and move things around. There is an easy file organization system and being on the cloud protects my stuff from catastrophes like heard drive crashes, a tornado taking out my building and my computer, or other things I occasionally worry about with all my files on my laptop and external hard drive. Though I only have my school work up on Google Docs right now, I'm working on moving over my personal writing. Google itself is indespensible for me, but Google Docs has become akin to my right hand for taking care of school right now. 

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