Tuesday, July 12, 2011

And computers are useful too.

An assignment to look at how much I use a computer and network:

I use computers constantly and being in England has made me realize how much I rely on the quick access I have to Internet and other things even on my cellphone. I use my computer to work, to keep in touch with family and friends, to look up random questions throughout the day (who was that guy in this one movie with that chick?), and to remember my appointments and responsibilities. Not having access to 3G in England has really thrown a loop in my ability to get everything done-- for most of my responsibilities, I have to make sure I have wireless on my laptop or my phone. I have been on a computer about half of today.
Today, I used a computer this morning to do homework and to put together a document for work, as well as to look up a funny song that goes with the project. This afternoon, I used my phone to check a product I found and look at Facebook. This evening, I am again on a computer to do homework, this time my hosts’ desktop. Obviously the home computer is linked to an internet network. The church network was up and down this afternoon and the guy working on it could identify how many people were simply on the wifi--he could probably figure out who they are and what they are doing. There was also a lot of annoyance with the password because they made it a complicated-to-spell (for me anyways) phrase.
There is a big scandal over here about newspapers hacking into cell phones and stealing private conversations right now and it makes me wonder how easily other people can get into my computer and mess with stuff.  My phone and lap top are networked to be synced with one another, and I have my phone and any computer I work on linked to the Google cloud network as I use Google Docs and Gmail.

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